Designing & Fabricating Overhead Cranes

What Are Overhead Cranes

Industrial companies that fabricate heavy or bulky products tend to rely on a forklift, or a fleet of them to move their supplies and products around. There are alternatives, though, that can help you free up space and move more efficiently above the work and workers, instead of around and between them, with overhead cranes. At MMI Tank & Industrial Services, we are able to designed overhead cranes, also called overhead traveling bridge cranes.

Are Overhead Cranes Safe?

Overhead Cranes are made up of heavy duty steel tracks on either side of your facility. The tracks are supported on top of tall steel legs, with the crane beam stretching from the track on one side of the building to the track on the other.

Secured on the tracks as it is, the crane beam can travel from one end of the building to the other. The beam itself is a track, allowing the actual crane mechanism to travel side to side across it. In this way, the crane is able to move both forward and backward and side to side, the crane itself can then lower and raise to and from the ground. Working like this, on three axis', it is possible to lift an item from any point in your shop, lift it overhead, and a carry it to any other point in your shop, including onto the bed of a truck or with extreme precision.

The Benefits of Overhead Cranes

If you've been relying on forklifts, you may be putting up with unnecessary expense, noise and risks. Forklifts need a constant flow of fuel, and repairs, especially as they are often parked outside open to the elements, while overhead cranes are always inside and annually inspected.

Forklift drivers need to be trained and no matter how well trained they are, there are collisions. Gaging the height of the forks from the driver's seat, or the distance from the far corners of the load to the walls and other obstructions, whether or not the load is blocking the driver's view entirely; there will be bumps, scrapes and damage. cranes are easily remotely operated; the load is attached from the top, raised vertically off the floor and moved to its destination without coming near any obstacles, and the operator can move around to maintain spacial awareness of the load.
Are you ready to upgrade your facility's operations? We'll take the layout of your shop, design a crane to fit it perfectly, fabricate it and install it for you. We can even provide the annual CMAA Crane Inspection, to ensure that it's operating safely. If and when maintenance is needed, we can provide that as well.

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