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Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are essential in the processes of modern industries. There are several types of heat exchangers usually based on their working principles. While heat exchangers are applied in transferring heat between fluids, they are also suitable for cooling purposes like in air conditioners, refrigerators, among others. Industries will regularly have new heat exchanger systems installed for them while those already owning them will frequently require services in maintenance and repair.Fluid heat exchangers

Adiabatic wheel heat exchangers are widely used in industrial settings. Such an exchanger comprises of a rotating wheel and an intermediate fluid that stores and aids in the exchange of heat. The wheel has threads to increase the surface area, and during the operation, it rotates through two sections containing a fluid where heat is transferred from one side of the section to the other.
How is this heat exchanger beneficial? Well, besides the exchange of heat in liquids, adiabatic wheel heat exchangers are essential in transfer of heat between gases effectively which is not easily attainable in other heat exchanger types. It has high efficiency, and therefore it is beneficial for processes demanding a minimal exchange of heat.

What are the applications of adiabatic wheel heat exchangers?

This heat exchanger is applicable in several industrial processes. Below is an outline of some of these applications.

  • Applied in the cryogenics industry in the separation of gases at low temperatures
  • Used in food production industries aiding in processes such as milk pasteurization
  • Heat generating chemical reactions can be carried out in an adiabatic wheel heat exchanger, such as nuclear reactions
  • They are used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Used in aircraft and spaceships systems
  • Broadly used in chemical producing industries for example petroleum industries

Installation and Repair Services

MMI Tank & Industrial Services is one of the few companies that can fabricate, inspect, repair, retrofit, disassemble and relocate. We provide these installation and repair services for several systems including boilers, tanks, silos, and heat exchangers.

If you’re in need of a heat exchanger but aren’t sure if the adiabatic wheel is right for you, give us a call and we’ll help you identify and then fabricate the heat exchanger that is perfect for your facility.

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