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Dynamic Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

What is a phase change heat exchangers?

Heat exchangers are the equipment that’s used to transfer heat from one fluid to another. If you’ve ever driven a fuel-powered car, you’ve been exposed to a heat exchange as engine coolant flows through coils in a radiator while air flows past those same coils. In this exchange, the coolant cools the engine while the coils heat the air. This is a heat exchange, and in order for it to take place, a heat exchanger must be present.

Plate and Fin Phase Change Heat Exchanger

Many industries use this type of phase change heat exchanger in the manufacture of their products, plate and fin heat exchangers, especially. A plate and fin phase change heat exchanger is constructed of aluminum alloy and uses configurations of fins sandwiched between plates to produce the heat exchange. These fins may be arranged in a plain, serrated, or herringbone pattern. They may or may not be perforated.

Advantages of Plate and Fin Heat Exchangers

Plate and fin heat exchangers have the following advantages over other types of phase change heat exchangers:

  • The aluminum alloy makes them extremely lightweight and portable. 
  • Aluminum also makes them highly efficient. 
  • They offer a larger heat transfer area than other types of phase change heat exchangers.
  • They can withstand high pressure. 

Boilers and condensers are other types of phase change heat exchangers. These units are used to heat liquids to the point where they begin to boil or to cool vapors to the point where they become liquids. The applications for heat exchangers are endless. If your company uses phase change heat exchangers, MMI Tank and Industrial Services can customize or repair them for ultimate efficiency. 

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