9806162026_5c1c146040_kThermal energy storage tanks, or TES tanks are large, cold water storage tanks that will pipe chilled water into your building’s cooling system to bring down the temperature.

These systems are energy efficient, cost effective.

In Arizona especially, it takes a lot of energy to cool buildings down. The more people, machinery, and technology inside your buildings, the more quickly they will heat up internally. Some examples include:

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • College Campuses
  • Power Plants
  • Commercial / Industrial Facilities
  • Critical Storage Units
  • Data Storage Centers

Thermal energy is stored in the form of cold water inside large insulated storage tanks. By cooling the water at night you save on the cost of daytime, or “On Peak” electricity rates, which tend to be significantly more expensive than cooler “Off Peak” times. During the heat of the day, as your personnel are moving in and out of the buildings, operating their computers, servers or heavy equipment, the cold water can be used to cool the facility, saving you the cost of operating more traditional and expensive air conditioning systems.

At MMI Tank and Industrial Services, we can custom design and build your thermal energy storage tank quickly and efficiently. We can get your operation running smoother and cooler than ever before.