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Custom Made Conveyors and Elevators

Conveyors and ElevatorsA conveyor is a machine used to move materials from one place to another. They are used in most industries, especially in agriculture, automotive, and mining. Conveyors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on what they’re moving and how big the material is. They can be installed just about anywhere and are much safer than other machines that move material.

A few types of popular conveyors and elevators include

  • Screw conveyor: Is a tube with a rotating helical screw blade containing a shaft with flights (spiral screw) around it. Used to move food waste, grains, animal feed, solid waste, wood chips and more.
  • Belt conveyor: Have two pulleys with an ongoing loop of a carrying medium, a belt of any width or length. It is typically used to move objects with irregular surfaces and smaller items. These are universally useful systems, with both large and small materials.
  • Roller conveyor: Typically used in food processing and manufacturing, these systems are made up of a series of shafts with rollers and bearings. These systems can be mechanically or manually driven: uphill, down-hill, turntables, elevators, etc. They can be in a variety of widths. These can be easily modified to suit your facilities changing needs.
  • Bucket Elevator: These are a belt or chain conveyor system, with buckets attached all the way around. As the belt moves, the material is scooped from the bottom and dumped when it reaches the top, to travel down and fill again.
  • Drag conveyor: Used to transfer materials on steep inclines. These systems are typically connected via belts and chains with paddle-like fins that stabilize the material on the conveyors. These are commonly used with asphalt production and other aggregate processes.
  • Conveyor Containment Systems: MMI also, designs, provides and installs conveyor containment systems. These are to protect your team from excessive dust, vapor and potentially harmful materials that are being transported around your facility. These systems include ducting, blowers and cyclone systems, which we can also design, maintain and install.
  • Dust Recovery Systems: Containment systems for your conveyor systems aren’t complete without additional systems attached, including:
    • Containment
    • Ducting
    • Blowers
    • Cyclone
    • Trash Bins

At MMI Tank and Industrial Services, we design, manufacture, fix and install conveyors for whatever purpose(s) you and your company may need.

Is it time for you to upgrade your operation? Moving your equipment to a new plant can be difficult, especially with large equipment like conveyors, at MMI, we have you covered. We can build, move, maintain and modify any of your conveyors to suit your needs.