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Beam Trolley Cranes

Designing & Fabricating Beam Trolley Cranes

What Are Beam Trolley Cranes

Does your company fabricate heavy or bulky products tend to rely on forklifts to move them around? There is a low-cost alternative, that can help save you money and move more efficiently in your workspace, with beam trolley cranes. At MMI Tank & Industrial Services, we are able to design beam trolley cranes, also called I-Beam Cranes.

Beam Trolley CranesAre Beam Trolley Cranes Safe?

Beam trolley cranes are primarily made up of heavy-duty steel “I-Beam” with a simple crane hoist on rollers fitted over the base of the “I”. These can be either motorized or manual powered, on single beams or multiple, moving short distances or long, but they are generally limited in their movement and load capacity. These cranes generally only operate in 2 axis, forward and backward along their track, with the hook moving vertically up and down to the ground.

The Benefits of Beam Trolley Cranes

Using forklifts to transport your materials and products means constantly supplying them with fuel, maintenance, and repairs after the inevitable dings and collisions; not to mention the time and expense of training new drivers. Beam trolley cranes, on the other hand, are simple, elevated, easy to use and either electrical or manually powered.

Are you ready to upgrade your facility’s methods of operations? We’ll take your shop’s layout into consideration and design a crane to fit it perfectly. We can fabricate it and install in your shop for you and can even provide it with its annual CMAA Crane Inspection, to ensure that it will continue operating safely. As it requires maintenance, needed, we can take care of that as well.

Neil Rheinhardt

Millwright/Industrial Division Manager

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