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Gantry Cranes

Designing & Fabricating Gantry Cranes

What Are Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes work similarly to overhead cranes. In their design and function, they look like and operate like overhead cranes but they tend to be smaller and mobile. If your facility is broken up into various small shops spread across a large property, or if you are in a temporary shop, a gantry crane could be a more effective option, instead of a single permanent overhead crane.

Are Gantry Cranes Safe?

Gantry cranes are made of tracks elevated on top of tall, steel legs with a crane beam stretched between them, like a miniature version of a bridge crane. Shops with several buildings that require the use of a crane, we can mount it on tracks running from building-to-building, for less standardized mobility, we can mount the crane legs on wheels, so it can be driven around.

Gantry cranes aren’t necessarily smaller than overhead cranes either. Both on tracks and on wheels, large versions of these cranes are regularly used assemble large pieces of infrastructure, like roads. At any size, their mobility is their greatest functionality.

The Benefits of Gantry Cranes

If you’ve been relying on forklifts to move your loads around, you’ve probably been putting up with unnecessary expenses, noise, and risks.

In addition to their constant need for fuel and repairs, Forklifts require drivers with extensive hands-on training and no matter how well trained they are, there will be collisions. It’s difficult to gauge the height of the forks or the distance from the far corners of the load to the walls or obstructions, whether or not the load is blocking the driver’s view.

Gantry cranes, on the other hand, can be easily operated; remotely or directly, depending on the type and size of settings. Cranes can move with or without loads attached, from site to site across a track, or being freely driven on it’s mounted wheels.

Are you ready to upgrade your company’s operation? We can take the layout of your shop and design a crane to fit your site perfectly. We can then fabricate it, install it and provide it with its annual CMAA Crane Inspection, to ensure that it continues operating safely. And, as maintenance is needed, we can provide that as well.

Neil Rheinhardt

Millwright/Industrial Division Manager

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