Speed Reducer Assemblies

Repairing Speed Reducer Assemblies

Speed reducers are complex assemblies of gears, bearings and a variety of other pieces of spinning hot metal. When the hot metal stops moving, it can bring all work grinds to a halt.

People often think that either they will be able to find replacement parts for their speed reducers and fix them, or replace the speed reducer on their own, this is usually not the case. Unlike car parts, gearbox parts are not universal, mass produced or kept in stock by year make and model. Depending on the age of your machine, the parts you need may not only be out of production, but impossible to find, and retrofitting a replacement speed reducer can cause it’s own problems and is much more expensive.

MMI’s Industrial Machine Shop is capable of tracking down rare gears and parts and retrofitting replacement speed reducer assemblies. Our machine shop is even capable of fabricating the necessary parts from scratch. All of these options are less expensive than buying new equipment, and our machine shop can make it happen.

Whether you have a Worm Reducer, Helical Reducer or Spur Reducer that has quit working, we can get it back in action.