Water and wastewater systems depend on hydro-pneumatic tanks. Tanks are put under extreme pressure all day, every day. Unfortunately, the metal the tank is made of and the pressurized content don’t play well together. Rust, corrosion and cracks can weaken the walls of hydro-pneumatic tanks enough to allow the contents of the tank to tear through at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. Pressurized tanks can be dangerous to the people who work around them, even when they are holding clean water.

Regardless of the age of your hydro-pneumatic tank or the type of fluid contained inside, it’s vital that you have it constantly inspected and maintained. Routine hydro-pneumatic tank inspection can keep you aware of the stability of your vessel.

MMI Tank is not only qualified in the construction of, but also the inspection of hydro-pneumatic tanks. We can inspect your tank for weaknesses, diagnose potential problems and make necessary repairs. If your tank is beyond repair, we can even build you a new tank to fit the specifications of your facility.

Contact us to schedule your next inspection, the safety of your business may depend on it.