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Whatever your industry, if you have a constant need for flammable fluids, storing them in house is a necessity. At MMI Tank, we can make you UL 142 cylindrical single wall tanks that will fit perfectly into your facility.

The single wall tanks are great for indoor applications, where there isn’t the danger of being exposed to the elements or bumped by large machinery. We can take the height and floor space of your room into consideration and customize the design of your tank to fit the layout of your location.

  • If you need vertical tanks, we can build and install them as well as designing ladders, stairs and platforms to fit your requirements.
  • If you need horizontal tanks, we can fabricate supports, skids and saddles to give them a firm fitting to your floor.

Just because these tanks are single wall doesn’t mean they’re weak. Our tanks are made out of high quality steel, between 7 gauge and 1 ¼ inches thick. We use continuous fillet welds for consistent strength and pressure test every tank before delivery. We even coat the tanks to prevent corrosion and wear and tear, guaranteeing a long life for every product we ship. At MMI, our tanks are built to last.