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For a sleek environmentally friendly indoor or outdoor rectangular UL 142 tank our double wall tanks really fit the bill. Built of 2 layers of high quality 7 gauge to 1 ¼ inch thick steel, fillet welded for strength under pressure, MMI UL 142 rectangular double wall tanks are made to last.

We understand the need for storing new and used flammable gasses, liquids and waste oils on site, we also understand how hard it can be to find something that will fit your space. We can render your location in CAD and ensure that your tank fits the size you have available. If you need a vertical tank with ladders, stairs or platforms, we can design it, fabricate it and install it for you. If you need a horizontal tank we can create it and its supports and you can rest easy knowing everything will fit when it’s installed.

At MMI Tank, we build great tanks. To ensure that your tank will last, we will coat it to prevent corrosion and pressure test it before delivering it. You’ll be running smoothly for years to come.