Carboline has a motto: “We strive to be the “easiest to do business with.” While first-class service is touted, Carboline is no less vigilant in striving to supply the highest-quality and highest-performing coatings, linings and fireproofing products to customers the world over. With 23 manufacturing facilities around the globe, Carboline is particularly helpful in identifying, selecting and specifying the right product for the job and then monitoring the application and installation.

Carboline offers a wide spectrum of primers and finishes that withstand aggressive chemicals, corrosion, fire, physical abuse, abrasion, high-moisture or thermal shock. Carboline specialists work with customers to find not only the right sealant for best protection but one that is aesthetically pleasing to add value, longevity and design flexibility to the project.

Carboline was started in 1947, when owner Stanley Lopata developed a product to solve a problem for a single customer. That’s how the company started and that is still the focus today at Carboline: solving customers’ problems.