Any company that has been around for nearly 100 years must be doing something right. That describes Tnemec, a leading manufacturer of high performance structural and industrial coatings since 1921. Not a business to rest on its laurels, Tnemec continues to be innovative in creating new coating formulas for greater durability while enhancing aesthetics. Tnemec coatings can be found protecting and beautifying just about every type of structure or building; water tanks and treatment plants, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities and specialty architectural buildings. We have done many projects right here in Phoenix Arizona.  We are the Phoenix AZ Tnemec Coatings and Paint experts.

Like the company’s name suggests (Tnemec spelled backwards is cement – so named, when company founder Albert C. Bean noticed re-bar had not rusted after being encased in cement for decades), Tnemec’s coatings will also stand the test of time. There’s a reason Tnemec has been around for nearly a century.

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