A double pipe heat exchanger is made up of a narrow tube that is mounted inside another larger tube. Fluids flow through these different pipes to create a heating effect. This type of heat exchanger is commonly used in various industrial settings, such as:
  • Power Stations
  • Chemical Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities

What to Know About Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

This type of heat exchanger is best suited for industrial chemical plants. It's also known as a jacked pipe, concentric pipe, hairpin, or a jacketed U-tube heat exchanger. This function gives it a variety of uses in an industrial chemical plant, making it a valuable asset to your facility.

Simplicity & Functionality for Small Industries

In many industries, double pipe heat exchangers are the most simple and affordable type of heat exchanger. They're economical to maintain and are user-friendly in their no-frills design. For these reasons and more, they have been a popular choice for small industries across the nation. However, business owners should be aware that though they are cost-effective, they're not as efficient as shell, tube, or plate heat exchangers. Therefore, if you're operating a large industry, we might recommend other types of heat exchangers over a double pipe model.

MMI Tank: Building Anything, Anywhere, & When You Want It.

At MMI Tank, we can build you a heat exchanger that will fit your facility. We can also repair your current heat exchanger or retrofit it to a new facility. We can even disassemble your shop, move it across the country, and rebuild it in a new facility. Let us help you install a dependable double pipe heat exchanger to maximize your productivity.