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By December 17, 2015March 5th, 2024No Comments

If you have ever wondered what would happen to a water tank if it was shot up by some low-life with a high powered rifle, then we have your answer.  Recently, a pressurized water tank used to supply potable water to rural Arizonan towns was vandalized this way.  It isn’t hard to guess what happened next:  the gunshot punctured the steel wall of the tank, causing a leak and interrupting the water supply.  Out here in the desert, a compromised water supply is the lifeline of the people in the desert.  It doesn’t get more serious than that.  MMI Tank and Industrial Services has the know-how to handle these tough situations, and we’ve got you covered.

We made short work of this water tank emergency bringing in our skilled welders. We sent a diver inside and had a second welder on a lift outside the tank to seal the hole inside and out.  We coating the repair under water to seal the carbon steel from any corrosion. We don’t take chances: doing it right the first time is a sure thing.

Bullets aren’t the only threat to your industrial equipment.  The years of unforgiving desert sun, wind and monsoons and the undercutting of the foundations all compromise the structural integrity of your machinery, no matter how strong it is.  The main focus for maintenance on a tank is corrosion and that is what our inspections center around.  That is why MMI Tank and Industrial Services performs regular inspections and maintenance as needed.  When you schedule inspections with us we set up a program customized for each individual tank to help you do your own inspections along with a checklist of what to look for.  Additionally, we set up and schedule the more involved inspections as needed.

Whether your machinery comes face-to-face with a barrage of bullets from a reckless gunslinger or just meets with the normal wear and tear of hard work, MMI Tank and Industrial Services has the grit and the skill to get your industrial equipment back in working order, and keep it there.  We can help you avoid the catastrophic failures that waste your time and money.  You save money with preventative maintenance making your tank and equipment last years longer.