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Code WeldingCode Welding isn’t a technique, it’s a skillset. We collect skills like tools and welders collect codes to prove their abilities.

Codes are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or ASME. The codes that we work with most are from their Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code as well as ASME Code. Working under pressure is the line in the sand and not all welders can cross it.

Welding Pressure Vessels

Welding together pressure tanks isn’t really dangerous to the welder, it’s dangerous to the future owner and operator of the tank. Pressurized keep the content safe, with a steel shell holding pressurized gases or chemicals that want to get out and expand.

ASME Standards

ASME has created a solid standard that we follow in everything we do, especially welding tanks and vessels for the safety and environmental concerns. That’s why the ASME and the BPVC were set up. In 1905 and 1906 some boilers in busy Massachusetts factories failed, the welds broke and a lot of people died, hundreds more were injured. Now it’s illegal for welders to work on boilers and pressure tanks without the proper codes and it’s illegal for you to own and use a tank that was made by an unqualified welder. Most importantly it places a high liability on the owner of the vessels. That is why we scrutinize everything quality weld we do to make sure the product is quality.

All of our welders are up to ASME BPVC standards. We make tanks. Industrial size, top of the line, pressure tanks.

When you need it done right, MMI TANK AND INDUSTRIAL SERVICES will get it done.

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